The Crawling

by Snailfetus Kidney Sacrifice

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Rhett McCormick
Rhett McCormick thumbnail
Rhett McCormick Everything about this album is perfect. The brees are amazing, the breakdowns are heavy, the lyrics are poetic. What more could you ask for? This will most definitely be the best album of 2015. Favorite track: The Eye Of Kilrogg.
xOutragex thumbnail
xOutragex Snailfetus Kidney Sacrifice have truly outdone themselves, this album is a musical masterpiece.
The instrumentals, the brees, the vocals, they all quake my very core.

The lyrics to this album are the most poetic and profound strings of sentences that have ever been strung together. They bring me to tears as I try to sing along to these graceful lyrics.

I recommend playing this in child day cares.

#BringBackBrees Favorite track: Aborted Pygmy Stench.
Chance Whaley
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Chance Whaley The lyrics are so deep. I found myself lost in them, until I found myself.
Truly a metal masterpiece. Favorite track: The Eye Of Kilrogg.
Zandriel Grimm
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Zandriel Grimm Truly an artwork worthy of only the most formal of occasions.
Weddings, birthday parties, even funerals and business meetings.

10/10 Favorite track: The Eye Of Kilrogg.
Morgan West
Morgan West thumbnail
Morgan West br00tal kvlt metal a f \m/ Favorite track: Mighty Mitochondria.
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"The Crawling" is a satirical concept album about a man who was brutally raped by a priest when he was a young, orphan boy. He was brought up by the church, and the man he saw as a father figure betrayed and violated him. The tragic event twisted his innocent mind, and contorted his reality, causing him to grow up extremely troubled.

As a teenager, he was constantly checking himself into asylums, but the doctors could never find anything "mentally wrong" with him. They claimed he was just afraid of the past, that he should seek psychiatric aid, and they would send him on his way. With no outside help, he slowly became more and more disturbed.

As an adult, he began taking his pent-up confusion and aggression out on young women. Chaining them up, torturing them, and draining them of their bodily fluids. Through this, he experienced brief moments of sexual euphoria, but after coming down, he would get angry, and always kill the victim. He harbored no long-term attraction for them.

However; the torturing and killing soon lost its thrill, and he began to turn inward to face his own wretched past. Frightened, he tried to find salvation in God and Christ, but to no avail. Instead, he slipped into a deep, deep depression. As a means to cope, he took it upon himself to hunt down the priest that destroyed his childhood, and achieve closure.


released October 5, 2015

All songs composed, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Snailfetus Kidney Sacrifice. Album art by Snailfetus Kidney Sacrifce.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Birdflu Pandemic
"There comes a time in every man's life
Where he must either face his demons head-on,
Or they will consume him
And if it is the latter,
Then, he must go into the Fields of Despair,
And look into the eyes of the holy god,
And he will say to him,
"So is the blood of your grail"

Before the demon entered,
Before the dawn of time,
Before the sigil gave you more power,
Before the Crawling opened,
Before the locks rolled in,
Before they called all it off,
I found war

I saw what you consider to be the demons in me
I can't wait to devour
-Devour all your light

O' God, I saw an omen!
I saw one evil eye
I can't wait to recall all of your pain,
All your love, all your lies,
All of you

Look at me, son
Look at me, son
Look and you'll see the thin line
Look at me, son
Open up, son
Look and you'll see all the sin
You might see I'm alone

More is soon to be

Look strong at the point of eruption
Look strong at the weapon I've brought
Do you see it's a recipe for sin?
You'll be seeing lots of blather
It's all you will know
Track Name: Hymen Wave Temple
Can't you feel it?
What should you do?

Beaten again, and then you will signal to me
In the dark, he deserted from the back of God's eyes
Your blood—your blood,
It could blacken me, now
Your heart—you blood,
It will blacken
-Blacken the door

All alone, did I see this?
He was a friend...
All that I regret survives myself
All because time beat it inside me

Give up, cannot get out
We're the sickness
Fall out, cannot get out
We're the sickness
Open up your heart,
And then flow into bright

I'm taking this stand
You wanted so bad to be the sure fate
They'll deny escape
Track Name: Petrie's Wings
I repent to play, "God's reaction"
It could collect in my eyes
I recall the broken, blackened, resort
I'm not coming home

Do you think that you're what I needed?
Do you see the evil within?
I'm sure your reasons are better
But no more,
You're not gonna' go

And you'll find I'm a sick man who can't tell the difference
It gets too refined
I'm a dead man, living off debris

When your blood dissolves like the ocean
You'll shout, but no one will listen
You'll shout, there's no one to help you
Recognize, the problem slating
We'll install the twelve-gauge solution
You'll pray, you'll sound like a vixen
Your kind is always so lazy
You're the cause of long isolation,
But I feel it returning to me...

Your blood could bloom into entry
Your curse could bring me to life
I've got a new chance to live
So, your pride is always a lie
Your mind, and mine are serrated
We begin an age of renew
I blame it all on the Father
He put it all in my head
Track Name: Aborted Pygmy Stench
"I can feel his little teeth chomping on my whiskers"

O' God, look at this now!
-Look at this now
It's one of those answers that lives under my skin
-Under my skin
It's great for a steal

I am foregone
I never think I will make it rain, rain, rain!
I better pour my heart

Never before could I see
I've still some fight
I fall, I can't risk it
No, I'll do it better

I blame the wretched
So, I'm free
And I want you
Return to me

Don't go beyond the wall unless you're into me
Don't go beyond the wall
Don't steal this into me
Don't go beyond the wall unless you're into me
Don't go beyond the wall
Don't steal this into me

All your needs are behind me
Carry on, on thin ice
I've come to set the sail tonight
Or are we finished?
I cocked it just for you
What are you spitting?
I cocked it just for you

I break bread to save, but the limit's in me
Never listens to what I'm saying
Turn that brimstone until you see
Let's scratch up and destroy
Where's the fun gone?
The limits in me
Disappoints, but the point I'm making disappeared
So, I'll make it clear that I never even cared
Track Name: Levitoading
Open your mind,
Make all your demons worry
Show them again, what you are made of, here

Recall it, they know that I see the honor
How couldn't I?
I guessed all
It was only easy
Will you choke on the lie?
And it won't leave behind a disease
It was all on your tongue

As today seams, I guess I would never access that
Decrees me warn, so I would jest
Say "Goodbye"

I sowed my heart into the regret
I hold the knife
Track Name: Mighty Mitochondria
"Hello there, class
Today, we are going to be talking about cell production"

Might to conjure all
-Powerhouse of the soul
With this might, you'll con greed
And face smashed sense and order
And denotes one side of the new present
Do you see it's maintained?
My devotion doesn't need your sig.
Because you'll feel no pain

Make way for my might
I'll conjure an army
Crushing—dies out
Set to remembrance of the soul
And your plastic particular best be warned
The might will conquer your cause
-A glorious spoil

With the strength of a dragon
Inner-fist from above
Any I oversee brought friends of truth
-Can't purge

Written on those dying tongues,
"Life is only provoking apparatus"
None of them stand a chance, now
Cause' my tome can't dream on
My deed?
My tome can't dream on
Track Name: Wild Eagle Balls
I'm ripped apart, and I hear them tell
They tell of my fake, fool trip
He started on this,
-Chopping parts to afford his tiny shirt

Would you see me appalled?
In your measures, make your move

The man, cause' I might have set him mad,
Would skip all praying, I'm sure
Like passing dirt to seal the deal,
The free never turned
Track Name: Tourniquet Of Doom
"In the words of a blind man peeing into the wind..."

Now, I'm safe
It's all coming back to me
The end of my fascist feat

I saw, and I surround the race
You missed your move
It's the same
With one eye closed towards the night,
You're a' wishing,
Or are you?

Ah, yes, it's starting...
You're a lovely lady,
Who is stringing up three very lovely girls
Yet, another hand of gold
Like the martyr; the youngest one that kills
Track Name: The Eye Of Kilrogg
Dig up, so daring and calm
You're caught, surrounded in shame
Be quick, so you don't recreate this show
Like a rock, I'm not churning
Do it sound, like I'm rotting
Please, say that you're ready
You sound like you're in avarice
It burns, so clean, and cold, now

With the eye, I've killed all
With the eye, I've killed all
With the eye, I've killed all

He doesn't see you're dodging
I cannot breathe
Just don't take me so seriously
Just do the deed

Risen, back up
Broken and sour
You see, I make them pour it all on you

And there was a day I could live
A single champion that I could not blame
As I support she, who gifts the flock
She, who gifts the flock

No blood's on the wall,
So, you might as well just admit
I feel young