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"There comes a time in every man's life
Where he must either face his demons head-on,
Or they will consume him
And if it is the latter,
Then, he must go into the Fields of Despair,
And look into the eyes of the holy god,
And he will say to him,
"So is the blood of your grail"

Before the demon entered,
Before the dawn of time,
Before the sigil gave you more power,
Before the Crawling opened,
Before the locks rolled in,
Before they called all it off,
I found war

I saw what you consider to be the demons in me
I can't wait to devour
-Devour all your light

O' God, I saw an omen!
I saw one evil eye
I can't wait to recall all of your pain,
All your love, all your lies,
All of you

Look at me, son
Look at me, son
Look and you'll see the thin line
Look at me, son
Open up, son
Look and you'll see all the sin
You might see I'm alone

More is soon to be

Look strong at the point of eruption
Look strong at the weapon I've brought
Do you see it's a recipe for sin?
You'll be seeing lots of blather
It's all you will know


from The Crawling, released October 5, 2015



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